Skylephant - Home Alone


Skylephant's I Am A Ghost EP was released today. The EP can be streamed / downloaded here.  I play guitar on the second track which is called Home Alone.




Slow and steady wins the race....

Vending Machine Heart - Welcome To The Club

Scanniclift Copse - Stuart Wills

Matters Of The Heart - The Sidewalk Anthem

The Sidewalk Anthem performing at The Acoustic Mix at Exeter Phoenix's Voodoo Lounge.


Live Tracks from Exeter FM Live Session 06/05/09

Locked Down Heart (Demo - 29/04/12) - The Sidewalk Anthem



Pain came up from the floor
Got under my skin
Now I don't know where it ends or begins
Where it ends or begins

Oh how my heart aches
Nothing but regret and mistakes
And I don't know where they end or begin
Where they end or begin

Maybe you've got the key for this locked down heart
Maybe you can help me to
Take it back to the start

It came up from the floor
It got into me
Now I don't know where it ends or begins
Where it ends or begins

And oh how my heart yearns
Nothing but lessons to learn now
I don't know where they end or begin
Where they end or begin

And I will sail my hopes and dreams away
Maybe they'll come back
Maybe they'll come back some day

Maybe you've got the key for my locked down heart
Maybe you can help me to take it back to the start


Blast From The Past: On The Run - Savalis

Recorded at Presshouse Studio, Colyton, Devon on 06/08/99.

Tim Neighbour - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Stuart Wills - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Simon Tregale - Rhythm Guitar
Christian Sculpher - Bass Guitar
James Harris - Drums

Sound Engineer - Mark Tucker


The Last Transmission - 28 April 2016


Thank you to Mark Montegue who gave the Wetherden/Wills track (Let My Mind) Drift Away a spin on his Phonic FM show on Friday (48m:10s in).  The show also featured tracks from Devon artists Wildwood Kin and Maz Totterdell.



Free Download: (Let My Mind) Drift Away - Wetherden/Wills


A collaboration with the very talented George Wetherden:


Just wanna rest my head for a while
Let it all wash over me
To feel the morning sun on my skin
And the breeze on my face

If I could slow down time
And let my mind go where it wants to go

Just wanna lose myself
Find myself
And let my mind drift away
Drift away

Wanna remember all my dreams
And what makes me feel alive
To cross invisible lines that I've made
And break free from these chains

And I find some peace under this sky blue sky
A way to let it all go
Let it fall away
Daydream, daydream, daydream these days away
'Til I find, I find a way through


PRSD Article About Vending Machine Heart


The PRSD web site recently published this article about Vending Machine Heart.


Free Downloads: Where My Heart Sings and All Those Words (We Said Yesterday) - Stuart Wills


Free Downloads:  Where My Heart Sings and All Those Words (We Said Yesterday) - Stuart Wills


Free Download - New Song: Blink In Reverse - Stuart Wills


Free Download - New Song:  Blink In Reverse


Tomorrow - Vending Machine Heart


Tomorrow - Vending Machine Heart


In Search Of Feeling - Stuart Wills

Today I came across a demo album I recorded back in 2005 called In Search Of Feeling.  You can hear it by clicking here.


Sketch by artist Nick Watton

Whilst I was appearing on Phonic FM's Last Transmission show in December artist Nick Watton sketched the following:

No Shangri-La - Vending Machine Heart

Well 2017 is here.  Vending Machine Heart had no plans this time last year to reform after so long (just under 10 years) but we're glad we did.  2017 will see the release of our first album 'Welcome to The Club', we hope to do a few shows too.  In the meantime hear's a new song.

Higher and Higher - St Thomas Gospel Choir, Exeter

I just came across this clip which I previously didn't know existed. It's a clip of St Thomas Gospel Choir (when I was a member) performing at Exeter Cathedral on 4 December 2012.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong - Vending Machine Heart

Vending Machine Heart are please to present a Christmas Present - a cover of George Harrison's ode to the New Year Ding Dong, Ding Dong. The single can be found on SoundCloud.

The Last Transmission - 2nd December 2016 - Vending Machine Heart live session


I appeared on Mark and Steve's Phonic FM show last night and played a couple of songs live.  I play Can't Be Cool at 25:55 and Welcome To The Club at 48:50.  I also had a surprise call from my Vending Machine Heart other-half, Jason, who asked me some 'fan' questions.

Wichita Lineman - Vending Machine Heart

So as previously mentioned, Vending Machine Heart are putting out a cover of George Harrison's 'Ding Dong, Ding Dong' on the 26th Dec to celebrate the coming New Year. It's 'b' side is our version of Witchita Lineman.


Vending Machine Heart's Christmas Single

The new Vending Machine Heart LP is coming along nicely and should be out early spring 2017. In the meantime we're releasing a free download single on the 26th Dec. It's our cover of George Harrison's New Year themed song 'Ding Dong Ding Dong' plus our cover of Glen Campbell's 'Wichita Lineman' - more details soon.

The Last Transmission - 28 October 2016


Vending Machine Heart LOVE Mark and Steve who present a well good radio show called The Last Transmission on Devon based independent radio station Phonic FM.  On last week's show they played Vending Machine Heart (1hr 17min in). Thanks chaps.

Vending Machine Heart - Man Overboard

Vending Machine Heart recently reformed after ten years. This is one of our new songs. We wish to thank Sam Dean for her amazing help with this video and her heartfelt interrogation of the subject matter. VMH felt it would be a neat idea to have some of our songs signed for the deaf and Sam agreed to help. We are truly grateful. Please share this video as we think it's pretty and can be enjoyed by a wider audience than normal. Thank you. 

Vending Machine Heart - What Did You Do To Me?

Ten years after our first e.p and a handful of shows with the likes of Caribou and Mindy Smith.  'Vending Machine Heart' have finally gotten around to recording the follow up.  Here is our first new song in ten years! Out in early 2017 through Musical Bear 'Records'.

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